(INDUSTRY ONLY): Amazon Studios Present The Hollywood Sessions: Do’s and Don’ts of an American Meeting

Sep 25, 2019 7:30PM—9:00PM


Raleigh Studios
5300 Melrose Ave
Hollywood, CA 90038

Cost 0.0

While no one size of meeting fits all, there are common mistakes that Australians can learn to avoid, and a multitude of ways you can have a ‘good’ meeting. Screenwriter C.S. McMullen covers how American meetings differ from Australian ones, what a ‘typical’ meeting is like, what your goals within a meeting can be, how best to prep for a meeting, and how much to pitch within a meeting. After successfully giving this talk to a smaller group for AWG Pathways group last year, Catherine has condensed what she’s learnt after successfully landing multiple U.S. writing jobs from generals.