AiF Global Membership Session April 29 (US) / April 30 (AUS)

Apr 29, 2024 5:00PM—6:00PM

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Are you new to LA? Or perhaps you travel back and forth. Maybe you’ve only visited once. Whatever your scenario is, you’ll quickly come to realize that establishing and maintaining your network is key to a promising film and/or TV career. Which is why we’ve summoned a networking oracle – award-winning producer and manager Brian Medavoy – to share his wisdom on how to best build your network. Next to talent, he reckons it’s THE most important factor for success in Hollywood. Even catching an Uber from LAX could be an opportunity to network, according to Brian. You’ll never come across a place where so many people have ties to the entertainment industry and are eager to chat about their passion and potentially build a future connection. So how do you maximize your chances? And what do you need to do to prepare for life in LA? Brian has the answers!