I’m turning 18 a week after the submission date closes. Can I still apply?

           Unfortunately no, you must be 18 years old and over at time of submission.

I am an Australian citizen but I live in another country. Can I still apply?

           Yes, as long as you are an Australian citizen you can live anywhere in the world.

I don’t have representation. Does this matter?

           No. You do not have to have representation to enter and be considered.

I’m not an AiF member, should I be?

No, you do not need to be a current AiF member to apply. All applicants will receive a one-year Online Membership to AiF, and all existing members will receive an additional year onto their membership.

I want to be an actor but have not had professional training. Can I apply?

Professional schooling or training is not a requirement, but you must have a high level of working knowledge of the acting profession with practical performance experience on stage or screen.

I was a finalist in previous year of the scholarship. Can I apply again?

Yes! Many recipients applied several times before they were selected.

I’m a working actor in the US, can I apply?

The Scholarship is not available to any Australian actor who has had (or at the time of application has) a significant role in a US movie or an ongoing or recurring role in a US network, cable or streaming TV series. The spirit of the HLS is to find a talented individual who has not yet found the pathway to Hollywood. If you have acted in the US, but not as a series regular, lead or co-lead in a US production, we still encourage you to apply.



Is Submittable the only way to apply?

           Yes. Its is a free platform for you to use and create an account.

US$50 is financially difficult for me. Can the fee be waived?

Certain financial hardships will be considered. Please email info@australiansinfilm.org to discuss.

I don’t know what you mean by an industry standard actor resume?

An actor resume lists the projects you’ve been in. Any acting coaches or schools will be able to help you with the format

Who can be my two references?

Anyone who you knows you in a professional capacity, like an acting coach, director, or acting school administration. Please ensure their contact details are listed, on letterhead, and with a signature in a PDF.

Do I need a professional reel to apply?

           Nope. You can apply with audition self tapes if that’s your best work. As long as it’s under 2 minutes.

My reel is over 2 minutes long, can I submit anyways?

We recommend trimming anything longer down to the best 2 minutes, as the judges are instructed (and strictly do NOT) watch over the 2 minute mark.

Does my reel need to be in an American accent?

No, but if you are selected as a finalist, you will be asked to self tape another reel in an American accent.



I’m having trouble with Submittable, can you help?

General questions can be directed to info@australiansinfilm.org, but any software or account issues with Submittable should be handled by contacting them directly.



When will I be notified if I am one of the five finalists?

           On or around the last week of November all applicants will be contacted, whether shortlisted or not.

When is the recipient announced?

AiF will announce the recipient of the scholarship in early January 2022


If we have not addressed your question here, please email info@australiansinfilm.org

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