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Mentor LA 2018: Meet The Mentors

Peter Saji

Hailing from the Washington, DC area, Peter Saji is gainfully employed on ABC’s Blackish where he has his very own parking space. 

Previously, Saji spent five seasons on Cougar Town where he shook Courteney Cox's hand on several occasions.

Even more previously, Saji was a staff writer for the critically acclaimed hit, Cavemen on ABC. There, he contributed what show-runner Mike Schiff described as, “The defining joke of the pilot,” and “formidable body odor.”

Even-even more previously, Saji founded what eventually became the largest HipHop battle on the East Coast. Genesis 2:002 was judged by the Neptunes and featured on NPR. This led Saji to tour with the Mobile Skatepark Series where he not only coordinated events all over the country, but also hosted and produced the HipHop/Lifestyle Sports segments that aired weekly on Fox Sportsnet. Sixteen paternity suits are still pending.

When Saji isn’t writing, he enjoys performing spoken word poetry, snowboarding and amateur MMA cage fighting. Ask to see his bruises.

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