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  • Special screening of SHOOTING GOLDMAN

Special screening of SHOOTING GOLDMAN

  • Wednesday, August 12, 2015
  • 7:30 PM
  • Chaplin Theatre Raleigh Studios 655 N. Van Ness Los Angeles, CA 90038

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is proud to present a special screening of


Shooting Goldman poster

Mike Goldman, Scott Cam-Night, Matt Hollywood, Grant Goldman

Written by Tony Prescott, James Raue, Mike Goldman
Screenplay by James Raue

Directed By Tony Prescott

Wednesday, August 12 

Chaplin Theatre
Raleigh Studios
655 N. Van Ness Los Angeles, CA 90038

7:30 PM 


Please do not to register unless you are reasonably certain that you will attend. Though cancellations are sometimes unavoidable, please let us know by 
2pm on August 11 if you are no longer able to attend. 

Shooting Goldman Trailer


Imagine if you thought your whole life was a fabrication, an ongoing reality TV show. You're friends are in on it. Even your family are in on it. The strangers on the street who throw you that recognizable glance are definitely in on it. Everybody around you are actors in this elaborate hoax. Or are they? How would you prove your suspicions? What if you were wrong and it was all in your head?

The feature follows AFTRS graduate short "OBJECT"
Directed by George-Alex Nagle

George-Alex Nagle

About George-Alex Nagle
An English born, Australian independent filmmaker based in Sydney, George-Alex comes from an experimental arts and music background. In 2011, his short film "Real-Time" won the Jury Award of Boundary Breaking Short Film at the Sydney Underground Film festival. In 2014 his short "Object" played at the 'Cinema des Antipodes' at the Cannes and St Tropez film festivals, and "Embrace" premiered at the Sydney Film Festival.

George-Alex is a graduate of UNSW College of Fine Arts and the Masters of Screen Arts in Directing at the Australian Film Television and Radio School.

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